The 'Box Of Chocolates'
Home Theater

Featuring a huge movie library, video game system, cable TV, excellent sound & picture, and more!

home theater seating and equipment at rental home in Florida

Recline and Watch Hollywood Hits In Absolute Comfort & Luxury

Recline fully in the Sweet Escape Theater's bed-like chairs as you smile at such whimsical artistic wisecracks as the "popcorn ceilings" [theater popcorn boxes hanging upside down from the ceiling!]... Watch sports and other favorites on Cable TV, play DVDs & Blu-Rays, or stream movies on the giant screen. You can even sit back and try to master a new Playstation game! Bring your own movies, stream from any major content account, or choose from our own stock library of over 125 hit DVD/Blu-ray titles. The Box of Chocolate Theater is a fun room just to look at ---but it's also an amazing one in which to watch movies and play video games while relaxing in high-end luxury seating...You might just find yourself waking up there in the morning!

See The Whole Room...

Featuring a movie library, video game system, TV, streaming apps, excellent sound & picture, and more!

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates!