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"Option 1" Host Your Outdoor Wedding at Sweet Escape During Your Stay!

Marrying your SWEETHEART at our gated, 5 acre candy-themed paradise is certainly one way to tie the knot with your HONEY! We'll provide you with contact info for approved caterers, tent rentals, and more. However, if you're having a larger wedding (75-200 people), then we recommended getting married almost right next door at Bridlewood Ranch but spending your nights at Sweet Escape! Even if you're having a smaller wedding but want the process to be a "piece of CAKE," Bridlewood serves as a full-scale wedding venue with beautiful lakefront backdrop, bridal salon, groom's dressing room, & a huge event hall!

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"Option 2" Stay at Sweet Escape and Have A Large, Lakefront Wedding Almost Right Next Door!

Sweet Escape has been the venue for many small weddings, rehearsal dinners, and similar events but you can have a MUCH BIGGER, more flexible wedding right next door at the lakefront Bridlewood Ranch while still using The Sweet Escape as an incredible place to stay, sleep, & play! Bridlewood is literally just a 3-4 minute walk from our gate...In fact, it's so close to us that Bridlewood is almost like a part of Sweet Escape itself! You can easily rent Sweet Escape for fun & lodging AND rent Bridlewood for your event---It'll literally seem like it's all taking place in one giant venue!

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"Bridlewood"Full Service Weddings of Up to 200 Guests Right Next Door!

Our neighbors at Bridlewood Ranch are fully equipped to handle large weddings of up to 200 people, catering, and everything you'll need to have an unforgettable "event of a lifetime!" They even have dressing rooms. Contact Elaine and her team at 352-708-4970 or Google them to find lots more info! If you tell them you're staying nearby at Sweet Escape, they can sometimes even offer discount package incentives! We also recommend hiring their preferred wedding planner Alyssa Cannizzo (407-607-3901 / www.cannizzoevents.com) to handle transforming your dream wedding into the real life fairy tale you want it to be!

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If Bridlewood & Sweet Escape Aren't Available For Your Wedding,