Sweet Escape House In The Media

Travis Clark, lead singer from the hit group "We The Kings" gives a video tour of his weekend stay
at Sweet Escape celebrating his marriage to Jenny Robinson-Clark, an actress who has made
appearances in such films as "Iron Man 2" and "Criminal Minds."

Travel & Leisure Magazine
This globally-recognized magazine called Sweet Escape "..more magical than Disney World!"
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CBS Orlando News
An excellent article and video overview of our estate!
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We Made It On The Today Show's Website!!!
Sweet Escape was featured on this collection of homes deemed better than "summer amusement park passes!"
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Check Out Business Insider's Write-up About Us!
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Metro News UK
Describes Sweet Escape as "the ultimate party pad!"...
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Orlando Sentinel Video
Enthusiastic reporter gives a brief walkthrough tour of The Sweet Escape!
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Sweet Escape On SML Cribs - Youtube
Celebrity Youtuber Logan Thirtyacre gives you a walkthrough of the "Candy Mansion"
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See Us Featured On Delish
They called us "the sweetest getaway EVER!"
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Buzzfeed's Video On Their "Bring Me" Travel Show
Millions of candy-lovers watched this video from Buzzfeed! (Facebook Required)
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Gilt Magazine (Italy) Featured Us
They said "...first class service is just the icing on Florida's sweetest cake!"
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Business Insider - Singapore Edition!
Wow- Writers from thousands of miles away said you probably "won't find anything sweeter!"
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Elite Daily
Referred to us as "the instagrammable getaway of your dreams!"
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Nar City
Called us "so much more than just a themed home!"
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UK Daily Mail

Major newspaper describes Sweet Escape as "rivaling" Disney World & Universal...
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Smart Meetings
--- This business site recommended Sweet Escape for corporate retreats.
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Travel Insider's Sweet Escape Video
The travel "section" of Business Insider launched this video about us!
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Guesty.Com Called Us One Of "The Most Unique Vacation Rentals On The Market!"
As they wrote, Sweet Escape "takes the cake!"
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Red Tricycle Listed Sweet Escape Among The Most Amazing Overnight Stays!
They say we're a "...dream come true!"
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Bravo TV Blog

This well-known TV stations describes Sweet Escape as a place where "dreams come true!"
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The Michael Baisden Show/Site

This celebrity radio personality's website says at Sweet Escape "Every room is cooler than the last!"
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This well-known vacation home rental site called Sweet Escape quite possibly "the happiest home rental..."
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Good Housekeeping

The website of this popular magazine described Sweet Escape as an "unforgettable destination for family reunions."
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"What Childhood Dreams Are Made Of"
This article describes The Sweet Escape in awesome sugary detail.
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CondeNast Magazine
Listed Sweet Escape as an "outrageous rental home."
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Author predicts you won't want to leave Sweet Escape..."not even for Disney...!"
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...declared The Sweet Escape to be "incredible."
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This important travel site named Sweet Escape "The best vacation rental on Earth!"
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...listed Sweet Escape as "one of the 5 coolest food-themed hotels."
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CNBC - A Vacation Home Rentals Report
...see us featured on this major news site!
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Called us "one of the most unique rentals in the United States."
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UK Express
Another news story about how AWESOME Sweet Escape is
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Calls Sweet Escape the "...happiest rental on Homeaway!"
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See Us On "Dream Vacation Homes"
A quick, general look at just a few of our many features & amenites!   
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Australian AWOL

called Sweet Escape "...the most insane hotel EVER!" (We're not actually a hotel but...)
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Israeli Coverage!
Check out this article about Sweet Escape in Hebrew!
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Did an elaborate photo essay on Sweet Escape referring to it as "spectacular."
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PR Web Release

The initial release the accompanied Sweet Escape's initial opening.
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