Milky Way Laser Tag

Up to 4 Players Battle For Control Of The Chocostroid Belt In An Intense Game Of Laser Tag!

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Game Overview - Laser Tag

This large high-tech room features a fast-paced laser tag game in an "arena" dotted with theme park space pod props, a slide, a spaceship, and an in-wall "mission control" tablet. As the story goes, war has raged between Earthlings and aliens who are driven to try to take over the "Chocostroid Belt"-- a significant region responsible for providing citizens of the galaxy with its Milky War Bars! You'll have to choose your side in this epic battle and fight it out for points with your laser weapon. There are plenty of places to hide and many options for alternate game play that'll suit the fun appetites of adults as much as children! Who will be the Milky Way laser tag champion in YOUR group?

Milky Way Galaxy Laser Tag - Video

Milky Way Laser Tag - A Video Glance