The Lifesavers Candy Bedroom
(w/ Queen-sized bed)

Featuring Wild Cherry Slot Machines,
Luxury Bedding, Games & More...

LifeSavers Bedroom Tour

Featuring Lifesavers Classic Art, Candy Boxes, Luxury Bedding, Slot Machines, And More...

What's Your Favorite Color Lifesaver?

This colorful room is extremely comfortable and offers one of the best luxury bedding sets around. Enjoy boxes of LifeSavers candy products "floating" on the ceiling and framed historic LifeSavers ads lining the walls. Play the "LifeSavers" board game and attempt to decipher the closet's "When Life Throws You Lemon LifeSavers..." mural. There's even a classic "Wild Cherry Slot Machine" (Free Play/No prizes given) on the Wild Cherry Wall of The LifeSavers Room AND another slot machine opposite it!