The Milky Way Galaxy Bedroom (w/ 4 Twin Beds)

Battle For Control Of 'The Chocostroid Belt'
In An Intense Game Of Laser Tag!

Play Laser Tag!

Use a slide & NASA props as you battle for control of the galaxy's Milky Way bars!

Watch The Room Video Below...

The Milky Way Galaxy Bedroom has two bunk beds for a total of 4 twins. One of the beds includes a slide. The room is over-sized and makes the perfect backdrop for a laser tag battle.

No bedroom of its kind exists
anywhere else in the Universe!

As you enter The Milky Way Galaxy Room, you'll access your top secret mission via the in-wall computer tablet (or opt to play 'space training games' instead!) Your mission leaders will speak of a classified war between aliens and Earthlings over control of the "Chocostroid Belt"-- the area of outer space responsible for providing our planet with its Milky War Bars. Choose your team and grab a laser tag gun....then battle it out for points in a game designed to be just as thrilling for adults as it is for children.

Reverse the window blinds to go from "ordinary space" to "hyperspace." Use the NASA Bunk Bed's built-in slide to make the game even more interesting. Hide in the "Starburst" closet to spring a 'sweet surprise' on the opposing team. The Milky Way Galaxy Room has 2 themed bunk beds [4 beds total] and has additional room to sleep even more people via air (space) mattress. There are also additional space games, puzzles, etc. The activities in this room are limited only by your own imagination...