THE "LOLLIPOP BALL" BEDROOM (2 Bunks / 4 Beds Total)

 Thousands of balls, Built in tic-Tac-Toe Nerf Games, & More...

The Sweet Escape's "Lollipop Ball" is every child's fantasy [and adults will go wild as well!].  The room is literally filled with thousands of colorful air-filled balls to play and "splash" in! On one wall is a mural of a giant TOE and next to it are orange and white packs of Tic-Tac's velcroed to the wall. Players put the TIC-TACs into grid pattern squares painted over the toe--- literally playing TIC-TAC TOE (See our 360 Virtual Tour)! Another area of the room has equipment for children to grab Nerf "weapons" and engage in ball "battles." With so much going on in one room, the possibilities for children, families--and even kid-at-heart couples...are limitless!

Lollipop Bedroom at an Orlando area vacation rental - The Sweet Escape

Lollipop Ball Bedroom
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Virtual Tour of Orlando Area ballpit INSIDE of a vacation home rental: The Sweet Escape

Lollipop Ball Bedroom
360 Virtual Tour

Sweet Escape vacation rental outside of Orlando, Florida featuring a lollipop themed room with its own ball pit!

Lollipop Ball Bedroom
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