An enormous 1200+ Square Foot Room featuring Dancing disco & strobe lights, a phenomenal sound system, a DJ booth with hundreds of karaoke titles
(Lyrics displayed on flat screen overhead monitor), Playstation 3 with DJ Hero,
Guitar Hero, dance revolution...& more!

With excellent views of Sugar High Mountain, Sugar Rush Slide, and "Sweet Water" Swimming Pool, the Ice Cream Social room is where all ages will likely spend much of their indoor time. It's an enormous lounge area with beautiful couches, love seats...and even an ice cream sandwich bench! There are game tables, incredible strobe lights, a high-end sound system...and an entire DJ booth from which you can control all of the action, lighting, karaoke system, microphones--even play popular music/band-themed video games like DJ and Guitar Hero---in the most realistic setting & environments ever presented for them! Forget about playing DJ Hero at home on your TV... Play it at Sweet Escape's private night club and you'll feel like a REAL DJ at a major nightspot! Whether you're a kid playing games, an adult relaxing to music, or a couple dancing the night away privately, you'll find plenty to do to keep you as quietly or as noisily busy as YOU want in Sweet Escape's incredible Ice Cream Social!

Karaoke near Orlando, Florida at The Sweet Escape vacation home rental
Ice Cream Social - Photo 1

The Ice Cream Social room of The Sweet Escape near Orlando, Florida
 Ice Cream Social - Photo 2


Dance and Sing at This Vacation Home Rental
Ice Cream Social - Photo 4

Strobe lights and disco at a private vacation home rental near Orlando
Ice Cream Social - Photo 5


Dance the night away with your family at Orlando area's Sweet Escape private vacation home rental
Ice Cream Social - Photo 3

Decorating - Attention to Detail at Orlando area's private Sweet Escape home rental
Ice Cream Social - Photo 6


Watch A Video Excerpt From A Tour Of The 1200+ Square Foot Ice Cream Social Night Club:

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