indulge in YOUR sweet tooth's richest fantasy!

At The Sweet Escape, even the bathrooms are incredible! The CandyLand Bathroom invites guests into a 360 degree immersive game experience with actual CandyLand boards stuck to the ceiling (see virtual tour below!)The "Toilette De La Tooth Fairy" is a more formal restroom featuring a tasteful rendering of the tooth fairy doing her fabled job and framed photos of adorable children proudly displayed their missing teeth! In the Eye Candy Bathroom, a subtle sexiness prevails with a hint of romance near an enormous tub. The CupCake Bathroom actually smells like the sweet treat it represents and The Dental Hygiene Bathroom adds only a little bit of guilt about eating all of the sweet treats around the estate! Of course, fans of the popular candy will want to "chase the rainbow" in the Skittles Bathroom as well. All rooms on this page include showers except The Dental Hygiene Bathroom and 4 of the bathrooms (Eye Candy, Tooth Fairy, CandyLand, and Skittles) include large bath tubs as well-- Note: All indoor baths are sitting tubs, not jacuzzis.

Luxury bathrooms at The Sweet Escape private vacation rental near Orlando, Florida
The Eye Candy Bathroom


Virtual tour of The Eye Candy Bathroom
The Eye Candy Bathroom 360 Virtual Tour

CandyLand Bathroom - Orlando, Florida - Private Vacation Rental Home : The Sweet Escape
The CandyLand Bathroom


CandyLand bathroom outside of Orlando, Florida - -in a vacation home rental
The CandyLand Bathroom
360 Virtual Tour

Tooth Fairy Bathroom at Sweet Escape private vacation rental outside of Orlando, Florida
The Toilette De La Tooth Fairy


Skittles Bathroom - Orlando, Florida Sweet Escape Vacation Rental
Skittles Bathroom

The Cupcake Bathroom at Sweet Escape - outside of Orlando, Florida

The Cupcake Bathroom




Bathroom at Sweet Escape - Luxury Private Vacation Rental
The Dental Hygiene Bathroom