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Will I get the whole property to myself or do I have to share it?
During your stay, the entire Sweet Escape will be entirely yours! You'll have full unrestricted private access to 10 bedrooms, 5 acres, 2 buildings with 2 huge kitchens, 3 living rooms, the "desserted" dining room, porches, decks, the ice cream pool, grill, splash park, slide, sports courts, mini golf course, playgrounds, the discotheque, indoor & outdoor movie theaters, game rooms, and more...



Travis Clark, lead singer from the hit group "We The Kings" gives a video tour of his weekend stay at Sweet Escape celebrating his marriage to Jenny Robinson-Clark, an actress who has made appearances in such films as "Iron Man 2" and "Criminal Minds."

What makes The Sweet Escape different from other vacation rentals?
The Sweet Escape is a celebrity-level mansion on 5 private gated acres with incredible amenities that will keep your entire group entertained for days and days regardless of their age or activity preferences. Everything else for rent in the Orlando area are just ordinary houses. Other than Sweet Escape (and our sister properties, The Great Escape Lakeside & The Ever After Estate), Orlando area rentals are all just 2-3,000 square foot "cookie cutter" homes in overbuilt subdivisions with traffic, noise issues, and lots of rules. They are often so close to the neighbors that you can reach out your window and shake hands with them while they are still inside of their houses! The pools in those ordinary vacation homes are tiny. Their level of service is close to non-existent. No one even meets you on site when you check-in! With the exception of 2 or 3 rooms (at most), the decor at any other home is extraordinarily basic. ANY OTHER ORLANDO AREA VACATION HOME IS *JUST* a place to sleep and then forget about.  In contrast, Sweet Escape IS a vacation resort/experience itself.  It is a place you will never want to leave. It is an estate you will be trying in vain to describe to your friends & family back home. It is a vacation experience that you will want to return to year after year and that everyone in your group will be talking about for months and years to come. At Sweet Escape, you will sleep in comfort, swim in our enormous themed pool,  soak in our splash park, slide down sugar rush mountain, play mini golf, volleyball, tetherball, laser tag, pinball, arcade games...lounge in hammocks under palm trees, sing and dance in our 1200+ square foot karaoke night club, enjoy outdoor AND indoor movies...and so much more... Perhaps most importantly, you'll be alone in our 5 acres of natural privacy with plenty of porches and decks to enjoy the silence...Of course, Sweet Escape also has all the amenities of a modern luxury home including granite counter tops, gorgeous woodwork & cabinetry, luxury flooring, etc; Put simply: Other vacation rentals are just run-of-the-mill "nice" homes.. Sweet Escape is a multi-million dollar themed estate property. Click here to read a news article about The Sweet Escape or Click HERE to read TripAdvisor Reviews Of Sweet Escape.

Our group is comprised only of adults-- Isn't Sweet Escape only for children?
NOT AT ALL! A good number of our regular clients are professional business groups, corporations, church leadership, etc;  Of course, children absolutely LOVE The Sweet Escape and never want to leave (In fact, parents often remark that they "wasted" money on Orlando theme park tickets because their children only wanted to play at Sweet Escape and NOT at Disney/Universal/SeaWorld!) BUT adults find the quiet, relaxing environment perfect for them as well. We are set on 5 beautiful and natural acres with plenty to do for the young, the young-at-heart, and even the admittedly not-so-young. Sweet Escape is the perfect blend of youthful whimsicality and mature luxury.  Remember, there's a casino games table...a Hershey massage room with indoor sauna...elegant kitchen...and so much more for adults. We've even had guests rent The Sweet Escape for their 80th and 90th birthday celebrations (and for just about every other milestone birthday from 30 on up!)

Are the video game machines free of charge?

Absolutely! No quarters or dollar bills are needed. Just press to the "START" button and play any one of dozens of hit games. The only exceptions would be our CANDY CRANE (players control a crane that drops, picks up, and delivers a handful of candy through a chute) and our GUMBALL PINBALL machines; These require quarters and give out candy prizes almost every time.


Does the rental include linens, kitchenware, etc;?
Yes: EVERYTHING you need to enjoy The Sweet Escape as a absolutely included! We have plenty of kitchenware, state-of-the-art appliances, an enormous inventory of towels, linens, etc; When it comes to replaceable items such as toilet paper, we provide one roll per bathroom and when guests run out, they generally re-stock for themselves. If there is anything you need to make your stay more enjoyable---and it is something you're concerned we might not have---let us know and we'll definitely work something out!

Can someone who has limited mobility access bedrooms at The Sweet Escape?
Yes! EIGHT of our ten bedrooms are at ground level.  There are two concrete steps outside to the "Lemonade Front Porch." Anyone who can make it up those two steps will actually have access to EIGHT of our ten bedrooms!

How much does it cost and what are your payment terms?
The Sweet Escape varies from $1195 to just over $1,895 per night. We do not charge per person. Your group can have up to 52 people and we won't charge you a penny more! Throughout most of the year, it's $1195 per weeknight and $1345 per weekend night. If you bring 40-50 people to The Sweet Escape, it usually works out to be only about $100 per person for a weekend! From Memorial Day weekend through mid-August, the rate is $1495 per weeknight and $1645 per weekend night. The higher $1895 rate occurs during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's and the mid-season $1295 base rate takes place during certain Spring Break weeks from mid February through late April.  During all seasons, there is a one-time departure cleaning fee of $888. Taxes are 11%. An amenities fee of $188 is included in each reservation covering periodically replaced items such as linens, sporting equipment, pool toys, etc; If you pay by cash or check, a refundable security deposit of $1500 is required. Alternatively, you can leave a credit card on-file for incidentals-- just like when you check into a hotel. At the time of booking, we take a 30% deposit by your choice of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cash, Wire Transfer, or Personal Check. The balance isn't due until 60 days before your scheduled check-in. For more about pricing or to calculate an EXACT price for your dates, please visit our rate calculator page.

What is the cancellation policy?
You can cancel up to 90 days prior to your scheduled arrival and pay only a $175 cancellation fee plus any credit card fees assessed. If you cancel with less than 90 days to go, your deposit will be forfeited along with any other monies paid.

If there are only 10 bedrooms, how do you sleep up to 52 people?
Simple! The ten bedrooms have King, Queen, and Bunk Beds for 24 people (hover your mouse over "PHOTOS" and select any room to see its bedding). We also have 14 twin rollaways and 4 Queen-sized sleeper sofas. Together, they add room for an additional 22 people to sleep. To jump from 46 to 52 sleepers, our clients often make use of the 4 luxury theater seats which recline fully like beds and include blankets & pillows. (Young adults & teens, in particular, love to fall asleep in the theater after watching movies and playing video games on the giant screen until the wee hours!). Couches are also used... Alternatively, some guests have also brought their own sleeping bags, etc;

Can I have my wedding at The Sweet Escape?
Yes! You have two main options: 1) You can have an outdoor wedding until 9:30pm...with up to 80 guests (an event fee will be added for more than 60 people)  or... 2) In conjunction with your Sweet Escape reservation, you can also book our neighbor: Bridlewood Ranch--a gorgeous lakefront wedding venue within just a few steps of our property! You can literally walk from Sweet Escape's gate to Bridlewod's gate in under 5 though you have one giant property; Sweet Escape for sleeping & entertainment and Bridlewood for your wedding event! To read more about Bridlewood, click here. Alternatively, you can have much larger weddings with fewer restrictions at our own larger estates: The Ever After Estate or The Great Escape Lakeside. For more information about weddings at Sweet Escape, please see our rates page.

Is there high speed internet or Wifi available at The Sweet Escape?
Yes. We provide Wifi to all of our guests at no additional charge.

Do you have pots, pans, towels, laundry rooms, etc;?
Yes! The Sweet Escape has ALL the features of a luxury, celebrity-level home and more. We have plenty of pool towels, kitchen appliances, utilities, silverware, 2 laundry rooms, and more.

Do you allow pets ? / Is The Sweet Escape pet-friendly?
Yes! On a case-by-case basis, we allow small hypoallergenic dogs, birds, and various other animals for $25/day. Please let us know what kind(s) of pet(s) you'd like to bring to The Sweet Escape and we'll reply promptly!

Can you help book additional services such as massage, private chef, etc; ?
Absolutely! We routinely book top chefs, massage therapists, personal trainers, & other services for our clients. One of our most popular referrals is Hawaiian Luau dinner party poolside! Whether you'd like restaurant suggestions or a helicopter to pick you up at the airport and fly you directly to Sweet Escape, we'd be happy to help! Just let us know what you'd like!

My dates are sold out. Do you have a waiting list?
Yes! Click here (or the link on top of any page of our site) to add yourself to the list and you'll be notified as soon as anyone cancels reservations within the date range you specify!

How close is the main house to the guest house?
They're barely 50 feet apart and connected by a brick-paved walkway. Guests LOVE the fact that they can sleep certain parts of their group or family in the main house and certain other parts in the guest house. Both buildings have plenty of games, attractions, and "eye candy!"

How close are you to stores, restaurants, the Orlando attractions. etc?
The Sweet Escape is barely 10 minutes from Clermont, a sprawling suburb of Orlando filed with strip malls, chain stores, grocery markets, restaurants, etc; There are also a number of tourist attractions and entertainment venues in Clermont as well. These include fishing, bowling, laser tag, winery tours, cinema, the Citrus Tower landmark, indoor trampoline parks, paintball, hang gliding, a gorgeous chain of lakes, boating, etc; Orlando's theme park attractions are just over 35 easy minutes away. Guests of Sweet Escape LOVE our location: It's close enough to stargaze while hearing the "boom" of the Disney fireworks at night---yet far enough to have your own private oasis with a secluded hot tub and outdoor movie screen under the stars...a paradise to return to after a day at the theme parks exhausts you. You will LOVE our PERFECT easy-to-find location and its proximity...and distance...from everywhere you want to be!

Is There A Costco/BJ's/Sam's Club Near Sweet Escape?
The estate is located right outside the bustling Orlando suburb of Clermont, which has most popular chain stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, etc;) Clermont, does not have a CostCo or Sam's Club but does have a BJ's Warehouse just over 10 minutes from The Sweet Escape at 2577 S. Highway 27, 34711. You can find a Sam's Club just 30 minutes away at 7810 W. Colonial Drive, 32818 and a CostCo approx. 35 minutes away at 4696 Gardens Park Blvd 32839.