The Pepsi Pinball Diner Bedroom w/ King-sized Bed

Features classic Pepsi vending machine, pinball machine, custom mural work, Smart TV,
Pepsi-themed games, and more!

Pepsi : From The 50s Through Today

Pinball, Pepsi themed board games, & more...

Pepsi Pinball Bedroom - Video

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The Pepsi Room has POP! Check out the 360 virtual tour of this room to see how wildly it features incredible custom mural work, a classic pinball machine, Pepsi board games & books, a ceiling filled with Pepsi ad slogans from the 20th century, a streaming TV, & more. Whether you're a Pepsi fan or not, you'll enjoy the extreme attention to detail (Pepsi lamps, signs, Pepsi can comforter on King-sized bed, Pepsi rug imported from Thailand, etc;)...