The M&M Mania Bedroom
(w/ Queen-sized bed)

Features Smart TV, Classic Video Game Console,
M&M Novelty Games, & More...

M & M's Galore!

Who's Your Favorite M & M ?

M&M Mania Bedroom Video Tour - Videos

M&M Mania Bedroom Video Tour

The Bedroom That Melts In Your Mouth...Not...

Designed for all ages, the M&M Mania Room features candy shop scenes EVERYWHERE. See Indiana Jones as an M&M Character on a "zipline" flying to save the damsel in distress in one corner of the ceiling; Laugh at the poster of hip-hop artist Eminem made entirely out of M&M Candies, sleep under "falling M&Ms" suspended in mid-air...Play M&M board games, puzzles, & more. Stream movies or play M&M themed video games on a classic console!